# Expectation For Good Country

Will Indonesia become to be a great country or is this just my dream only ?

Indonesia's Flag

Did you see that color of Indonesian flag ?
Yes, that are red and white
What do you think about that ?
Don't answer before I tell you behind about of culture and exotic nature of Indonesia.
You can find anything that you can not find from advertisement !!

Ok, today I would like to tell you about my country. Everyone from other countries like China, Germany, UK, USA and more, says that my country is incredible and spectacular. I was dreaming when all people said like that.

Hey dude, you didn't know about my country. You are just reading on newspaper and advertisement. If you know what was happening right now in Indonesia you will crying like me.

The article of Indonesia is dramatic, and spectacular but no action from government to reacted for doing that article. The article only on paper just typed on white paper. No action and no reaction from government and society.

I am really screaming about this situation. It's really poor

Today I write a specific about the poor society and youth generation of Indonesia.

Everyone on the streets was crying and screaming to help themselves to life. Youth generation is not respectable by government. The government only talking and will being serious to manage if Economy falling dawn. But while the government manage economy of Indonesia they are probably never thinking about youth generation and the poor society was already the are face it everyday.

"next day I will tell you more, please wait "

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