Encouraging Youth Entrepreneurships

I have seen videos about Indonesia entrepreneur in America a few days ago.
Please click on this site for news "This news was published on Dec 12, 2011" (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R7LKkiler88). After seeing the news, I thought for a moment why Indonesia's youth did not dare to be an entrepreneur? Therefore I write that, I got thinking and a bit of motivation that I want to convey through this writing, although I am only a student from vocational schools.

How many people who want to give contributing to major society around?

How many people are willing to give great contributions to the nation and the country?

And how many people who have future goals being an entrepreneur?

Come from without anything being something valuable. This is what is expected by the human soul on the face of this earth. The existence of the human race became more focused when having purpose in manifesting the dreams and expectations. But if life will not as expected, then the answer is daring to fail and bounce back or choose to die in despair without hope and without certainty. This was the real challenge for a nation and in particular the youth who want being entrepreneur and want to build this nation become better again. 

Being someone who is contributing to the country and dare to build fighting spirit in life is one of the characters, owned by entrepreneur. If being an entrepreneur then clearly we dare to take the right decisions in determining the future direction of the business. The certainty is, destiny that we have, we can change to better if we want to change it and it will to have been condoned by God. So, it's time we decide the fate of our future courage to choose entrepreneurship as our future and brave to give good impact to the State, as well as the surrounding communities.

As a next generation we have a great responsibility towards the future of our life and future life of our country. Have a strong character and mentally healthy as well as the Honorable process in realizing our dreams is the first step in the success of reaching for our dreams. 

Do we just stand and see the poverty and destitution that exist around us? 
Do we just sits still and transfixed when looking at person for asking your help? 

Yes, it is a fact because we haven't been able to change the social environment around us, because we only rely on the State. This is the major problem we face as youth who assume great responsibility towards this country.

As a young man ideally we should give importance impact to life ourselves and have a fighting spirit that is always raging. The younger generation must have the courage to become an entrepreneur. Why? In the life of the world's economy, let imagine that all the inhabitants of a country only worked as a civil servant. If this happens, definitely budget revenue expenditure will be impoverished and bankrupt and economy will destroy. The United States has 12% entrepreneurs, China has 10%  entrepreneurs, Japan has 10%  entrepreneurs, Singapore has 7% entrepreneurs, India has 7% entrepreneurs of the total population. The fact is, that countries are developed countries belonging to the group of developed countries and has a lot of entrepreneurs in the world. One reason that sustains the progress of that countries are entrepreneurs, the entrepreneurs can give the economic progress to the country. So, how about Indonesia? Indonesia has only 1.59% of the entrepreneurs of the 240 million populations. Obviously this is very small for a great nation. For that, the youth of Indonesia must brave being entrepreneur in developing a fighting spirit live for the nation, the community, and of course yourselves.

Have you ever heard the name of some people who dared to leave his education and daring to do realize their dreams? 

Microsoft, Apple, Facebook is the real proof of the impact of young generation who dared to entrepreneurship. Who is not familiar with Bill Gates, who is not familiar with Steve Jobs, and who is not familiar with Mark Zuckerberg. Despite the young age, they dare to take the risk in their lives, they dared to leave their education, and they dare to start a change which has not been certainly succeeded or not. Then the result of their efforts,  take a look at the Microsoft company, look at the Apple company, and take a look at Facebook. Three of these companies clearly gave a big impact to his country and  the result is comes from the hard work that  had been done by Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg.

Indonesia's youth must have to take achievement in any case, the youth of Indonesia should have a clear future goals, the youth of Indonesia should have a high fighting spirit and hard work, the youth of Indonesia must discipline, the youth of Indonesia should  realistic and overachiever, the youth of Indonesia must  creative, the youth of Indonesia should have a high commitment, Indonesia's youth should have the attitude of an honest and honorable, Indonesia's youth should appreciate the time and Indonesia's youth need to have high optimism and perseverance towards everything. 
Why do we have to have it all? 
Because we are the youth of Indonesia and we will give a great contributions to this great country.

According to the Minister of workers and transmigration Muhaimin Iskandar, said that Indonesia still needed 4.76 million businesspeople or about two percent of the entire population to make ideal conditions. This is the time to the young generation of Indonesia shows itself to being entrepreneur. Who says Indonesia's youth cannot be successful in entrepreneurship? Let's open our minds and we start to entrepreneurship. It's time we show to the world and especially in our own country that we as the successor generation of Indonesia will give positively impact to the nation. The success is figured from the business we do, success comes from a sincere heart to do something and the success of course condoned by God. It's time for the next generation to vote for being entrepreneur. Prepare for entrepreneur or not depends on the choice of each of us. But contributing to the State is our common responsibility. Let Indonesia's youth, we must dare to entrepreneur and offer good impact to ourselves, the community and Indonesia. It's time to make a change and make an impact for all as entrepreneur. 

The founders of this nation has said that 1,000 older generations could only dream of, but one of the young generation can change the world and realize a dream. Who said it ? That words said by Soekarno. So, it’s time to make a change.

It's time for Indonesia's youth show themselves as being successful in entrepreneurship although still in young age.


Noval Auliady said...

most people are scared to become an entrepreneur because they are too afraid to take risks that will in receipt. They prefer to be an employee in a company because they have a fixed salary. Should every citizen of Indonesia has a great entrepreneur spirit, not to be working for someone else. Indonesian young men and women must often be motivated to create a new innovation that will increase the rich people in Indonesia.

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